NZ's Grand Canyon

17th of February, 2018

What a trip....New Zealand's Grand Canyon, Waiautoa other wise know as the Clarance. Stretching from the mountains, Hamner Springs to the coast of Kaikoura, covering 140km over seven days of absolute wilderness. Waiautoa carves through the bent and twisted fault line squeezing through the ever growing Inland & Costal Kaikoura Ranges, this unique landscape tells the story of our ever changing world.
In the flow life changes, river time grabs hold and we become part of the environment. Our rafts move with the river, carrying the simple, but comfortable basics of life, as our river life begins. The river keeps us busy as small technical rapids are navigated skilfully by your guide under your paddle power. As the days go on you settle into meditation under the rivers beauty not by choice. Growing slightly every moment the catchment entanglement of Waiautoa transforms from braided barren landscape to bush intwined gorges. The ever changing horizon brings the sun close as Mt Tapuaenuku holds the first light of time.
Everyone is equal on the river, the river doesn't care what your abilities are, what your job is or what you're mirror thinks, it treats everyone the same. Makingtrax makes you're life sweet and simple with our adaptive river harness, drysuits when needed, wide opening tents, pressure relieving camp mats, accessible camp toilets & the ultimate descent guides make your life easy, with magic meals, ultimate safety and assistance second to none.
The life exists with us on the river, camp is set every night, dinner prepared on the fire, we follow the time of the sun, as the day becomes nite stars stretch above, it's hard to pull away to the comfort of your feathers as the flames dance in our eyes
Awoken to first light, flowing water, bird song and the smell of rush as this is your trip, the Waiatoa waits patiently to embrace
Jezza, family and the Ultimate Descents Crew had a magic week long trip down the Waiatoa River at the end of January

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